The name of Vladimir Galanternik is well-known to anyone in Odessa. He is the owner of the main Symbols of South Palmyra, for example, Privoz Market and Arcadia Resort. However, he prefers London and Saint-Tropez for holidays and vacations. While Odessa “feeds” him.
It must be said that a journalist and an activist of Odessa, Oleg Mikhaylik was arm attacked this September. Public activists of Odessa united and gathered under the Odessa regional Prosecutor’s office and demanded justice, since law enforcement authorities even didn’t attempt to look for customers apparently. Public action took place under the slogan: “Odessa stinks of corruption!”

But just a few people agreed to communicate with TV-group, because most of people were afraid to talk on camera about the real situation in Odessa. Besides, everybody in the city knows that this person, the owner of two manors in London, each of which costs nearly about ten million dollars, is closely connected with local law enforcement establishment. And that’s why he feels unpunished.

The lawyer Vadim Aksyuta who is engaged in investigation of criminal affairs of the “Gray Cardinal» of Odessa for several years, tells that the land plots in Odessa are registered and re-registered in the Cadaster in indestructible way. For example, Starosennaya square is called to be Galanternik`s business project. The lawyer says, Galanternik and Trukhanov fully implemented the so-called “toilet” scheme, they sold a toilet, which belonged to the territorial local community, illegally, then they demolished it, then they bought it again, and then they took the land for this non-existent object. In such a way, the land is captured by whole streets in the most expensive resort places of the Odessa.

Local activists resume: it`s quite obvious that this land becomes a part of large Russian business, which is still present in Ukraine. And Galanternik is just an accountant of that clan.

In should be mentioned that Vladimir Galanternik’s wife is quite well-known fashion designer, Natalia Zinko. She dresses a lot of Russian celebrities. Even Russian TV presenter and as they say, the goddaughter of Vladimir Putin, Ksenia Sobchak came to the celebration ot 20th anniversary of the wedding of the designer and non-public owner of Odessa in the French Saint-Tropez.

However, most of Vladimir Galanternik`s photos and amateur videos of his life disappear from the Internet quickly. As well as the expensive land which still remains in Odessa.

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