Hackers broke into Interpol’s special department website

The website of the special department of interpol.nl, which investigates financial frauds, has been hacked. Hackers intercepted the site’s domain name management. Interpol has notified the search engines that are now alerting the site.

Currently, none of the identified cybercriminal groups have claimed responsibility for the incident. According to the press service of the Interpol special department, users should not be worried about the spread of personal data, as all their information is stored in an encrypted profile on several servers. Hackers have access only to domain name administration, also they do not have access to data stored on Interpol servers.

This is not the first case for an Interpol. On 26 August 2012, activists from the international cyber group Anonymous hacked the website of Interpol and the British police. The attack was element of a campaign to liberate Julian Assange, an Australian journalist and founder of the scandalous WikiLeaks website.

Source: https://globalinvestigationagency.eu/hackers-broke-into-interpols-special-department-website/